10 luxury fashion essentials

We all know that fashion is an expression of who we are and what we want to project to the world, and we all know that it can be expensive. But we also know that it’s not always possible to hop on to all the hottest fashion trends each season and nab the latest Prada bag. If you’re like me, and love the quality of hardworking fashion staples, you might want to invest in these ten luxury fashion essentials that will make you look like a million bucks without the hefty price tag.

10 luxury fashion essentials

10 fashion essentials that will make this season your best one yet.

  1. A timeless, leather bag
  2. A pair of hardworking shoes
  3. A well-cut dress for all occasions
  4. Jewelry that you never have to take off
  5. A designer scarf
  6. A statement hat
  7. A leather belt
  8. A structured jacket
  9. A Swiss made watch
  10. Designer sunglasses

Presentation is everything and in this day and age we are all constantly striving to look our best, it’s no surprise that fashion is a booming industry. There are a number of items that are a must have for a fashionable wardrobe, and they can be found in any price range. In the world of fashion, luxury is all about quality and exclusivity. Whether it’s a high-end designer, a vintage find, or a rare designer piece, these pieces are the perfect luxury fashion essentials.

Here are 10 luxury fashion essentials that are sure to have you looking your best.

1. A timeless bag 

A designer handbag: A woman can never have too many designer handbags. They’re a great way to accessorize any outfit and my personal favourites are structured classic ones such as the iconic Hermès Kelly Bag, Hermès Birkin Bag, the Classic Flap bag and the Louis Vuitton monogramed bag.

2. A pair of chic shoes

You can’t have a closet full of clothes without the perfect shoes to go with them. From the perfect pair of heels for a fancy event to the perfect sandal for a day at the beach; there’s no such thing as too many shoes. I personally love wearing Chelsea boots and in winter and opt for white sneakers, loafers and ballet flats in Spring.

3. A perfect fitting dress  

The perfect fitting dress is a staple in any woman’s wardrobe. You can never go wrong with a little black dress. You can wear it to work, for a date, to a party, or to an interview. Personally, I love my Ganni dress which is the perfect choice for any occasion. The fit is impeccable and the fabric is luxurious and has been with me for almost 15 years. I actually loved the fit and cut so much I bought it in two colours (classic black and a bold blue).

4. Jewelry

It’s not just about the clothes you wear, but the jewelry you wear to complement the clothes. The right necklace can make or break an outfit. A bracelet can be the perfect accent to a dress, or the perfect accessory to a suit. Earrings are the finishing touch to a perfect look. From diamonds to gold, you can find jewelry items in every style and price point. Luxury fashion essentials like jewelry that I love the most are ones that become part of you. You never remove them, like my diamond necklace and Cartier bracelet.

5. A scarf

Cashmere, silk, and alpaca wool are my go-to. A high-end designer scarf can instantly elevate your outfit. My personal favourites are the classic Hermès silk scarfs and the classic House-Check cashmere scarf from Burberry.

6. A structured hat

This is a simple way to add a little edge to your daily looks. You can completely transform your outfit by topping it off with a trendy Prada bucket hat, a casual cashmere baseball cap, or a wide-brimmed Maison Michel felt hat which each all have a completely different aesthetic.

7. A leather belt

A Hermès Belt is one of the most versatile fashion accessories you can own. It can be worn with almost any outfit, from casual wear to evening wear. It can be worn with a dress, jeans, or a skirt. It can be worn with a dress shirt or a t-shirt to add dimension to your silhouette.

8. A Chanel Jacket

They are expensive, but worth the investment. Chanel is one of the most well-known fashion houses in the world. The company has been around for over 100 years and has always been on the forefront of the fashion industry. They are known for their designs and high-quality products. One of their most popular products is their classic Chanel jacket. There are many different styles to choose from, but the classic Chanel jacket in tweed is the most popular. It is the ultimate in luxury fashion, and is a must-have for any woman.

9. A Swiss Made Watch

A luxury fashion essential, a Swiss Made Watch is a must have. The Swiss Made Watch is a timeless symbol of status and timeless class for both men and women. It is the perfect accessory for any occasion as well as being the perfect gift for any occasion. They have a timeless elegance that never goes out of style. A Swiss Made Watch is a great investment as it will last for many years to come. For example, A Patek Philippe watch is a luxury fashion accessory that is timeless, elegant, and versatile. The Swiss-made watches are known for their accuracy, precision, and their ability to last for generations.

10. Sunglasses

It is always important to have a luxury fashion item that will never go out of style. A pair of designer sunglasses is the perfect choice to keep you looking chic and stylish. My personal favourites are black or brown frames and in terms of designer shades, I adore Celine, Christian Dior and Chanel. In terms of style, as I have soft features I prefer square and sharp rectangle frames – although cat-eye suits almost all face shapes and is a go-to.

So there you have it, 10 luxury essentials to stay stylish and fashionable.

I hope you enjoyed this article and found it helpful! If you want to learn more about luxury fashion styling, why not take a look at my guide to creating a capsule wardrobe.


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