5 Things You Didn’t Know About Hermès

Hermès: From family legacy to the story behind the iconic orange packaging. Here are five fashion facts about the iconic French luxury brand.

Often regarded as a status symbol, the epitope of style and success – Hermès stands proudly between Chanel and Patek Phillipe on the Rue du Rhône overlooking the Lac Léman in Geneva, Switzerland.

Known for the unparalleled quality, craft and precision, their iconic luxury handbags include the Kelly, the Birkin and the Constance.
So if you’re fashion fanatic, here are 5 little known facts about Hermès.

1. The Stores

Throughout the world, each Hermès boutique houses a unique concept window that showcases an intwined connection between the brand with the location. What’s more the Hermès store on rue de Sèvres has a café and bookstore inside of the store. The Paris store is also the only Petit h dedicated space.

2. The Iconic Orange Boxes

In total there are 188 sizes of the Hermès boxes. But did you know that orange was not the original color of the Hermès packing? They were originally cream colored with gilded mustard edging. It was only in the Second World War that the iconic orange packaging was introduced due to shortages in supplies. This happy accident went on to win the packaging Oscar in 1994.

3. The Color counts

Did you know that pink, blue and red handbags achieve the highest values at auction? Notable shades include Rose Azalée, Rose Sakura, Bleu Saphir and Rouge H.

4. Hermès The So-Black

Today, one of the most desirable ones on the market was by Jean Paul Gautier in 2010. It is The So-Black collection which features PVD coating so that the padlocks, strap brackets, swivel clasps, keys and base studs – are all a dense, shiny black.

5. The Collectors Intel

Lastly, when an Hermès bag is emblazoned with a horseshoe stamp, it means that the bag was a special order. A rare collection piece, especially for those who can immediately identify an Hermès simply by its shade or leather.

There you have it, five fun fashion facts about the luxury French brand, Hermès. For more luxury facts click here.


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