The Woodward: Geneva’s most luxurious hotel

New: The Woodward Geneva- luxury suites & 2 Michelin star restaurants

Discovering the newly opened luxury hotel in Geneva: The Woodward Suites.

This 5-star hotel is part of the Oetker Collection. It is comprised of a total of 26 exclusive luxury suites & 2 Michelin star restaurants as well as the biggest indoor pool in all of Geneva.

Along with Bella Zofia, I had the pleasure of discovering this beautiful hotel in late December. We started with a tour of the Spa, pool, and gym. Before heading to our bespoke beauty treatments from Guerlain. As you know, I am a big fan of Guerlain beauty so I was very excited about this experience. The treatment was hands down the most wonderful experience I have had at a hotel spa. It stated with a beauty questionnaire so that the beautician could have a background on the areas you wished to focus on. Then I went into a private room complete with en-suite shower, locker room and of course Guerlain cosmetics and the fluffiest bathrobe I have ever used. Once I had been tucked into the ultra cozy SPA bed I did a personalised consultation to decide what would be the best treatment to have. Then we did a scent test where I was asked to choose the perfume that I found most relaxing. This scent was then integrated into the treatment. After the hour facial and beauty treatment the beautician applied Guerlain makeup for me and led me into the Guerlain makeup room. It was like being led into a candy store for someone who is as obsessed with beauty as myself! I then did my makeup before heading up to Le Jardiner with Bella.

We lunched at the new restaurant called Le Jardiner by Michelin-starred Chef Alain Verzeroli and assisted by the chef Olivier Jean. It is a truly unique restaurant in Geneva, serving up dishes that celebrate the finest local ingredients. There are 2 sections to the restaurant each with a slightly different decoration (coté Lausanne where we ate for lunch, & coté Genève which is also featured here). There is also have a private meeting room right next to the restaurant that is ideal for business meetings. The primarily plant-based concept was launched in 2019 in New York by Joël Robuchon and Alain Verzeroli. This is.their first European edition of the concept. All the ingredients on the menu are locally sourced (maximum I50 km from the hotel. The Jardiner focuses primarily on vegetables in each of their dishes, meat and fish are almost incorporated as accompaniments.

To top it off we enjoyed their delicious pastries and had the pleasure to meet famous in-house pastry chef Titouan Clauder.

Lastly, we were given a private tour of the Woodward hotel and I was truly spellbound but their Royal Suite which was splendid, to say the least, and even had a private elevator for maximum privacy.

Designed Pierre-Yves Rochon (Pyr design), the entire hotel was incredibly refined with a quiet luxury appeal that so suits Geneva city.

I very much recommend the Woodward hotel if you visit Geneva. It is an absolutely wonderful place and the Guerlain SPA treatment was certainly one of the best treatments I have had in Switzerland.


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