LA DOLCE VITA AT 2PINICAPRI A beautiful boutique hotel in the heart of Anacapri

Situated in the picturesque and historic landmark of Anacapri, 2 Pini hotel is a charming, family run boutique hotel which I was so lucky enough to discover earlier this month.


I was so happy to take advantage of the last rays of sunshine in Italy earlier this month and travel to the beautiful island of Capri for the first time. The elitist fame of this beautiful island is intermeshed with the 1950s. Known as a haven for jet-setting stars and celebrities.

Capri Island is situated along the Amalfi Coast in Italy and is one of the most beautiful jet-set destinations I’ve ever been to. A hotspot for celebrities, fashionistas, and the “elite”. Capri has been the setting for countless Hollywood films in the 50s and 60s. Indeed there still has a sort of vintage allure to the island. Fashion and luxury is a big part of Capri. Indeed, many fashion designers create special, capsule collections that are exclusively available in their Capri boutiques (including Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Hermès, Versace and Prada).

It is also home to the Annual Luisa Via Roma Gala, which took place in early August. In fact, the first thing I spotted when we arrived at the beautiful 2 Pini Residence which would be our home for the next few days, was a magazine with the Luisa Via Roma in Capri: Charity Event & Summer Party 2021. It really is one of THE main events of the year on the island. Indeed luxury and fashion design was definitely

Indeed, when one hears of Capri, instantly images of glamorous women on Vespas, lemon trees, blue-tiled stones, and stretches of the azure blue sea come to mind. This cliché is not for off from reality. The coastline, the colorful buildings, and the pastel-colored sunsets that we enjoyed during our stay were all real and simply spectacular. It really was an oasis of Italian glamour, secretly hidden away, steeped in traditional values, and rich with heritage.


I visited this beautiful Italian island along with my friend and fellow travel blogger Bella in early September. We arrived midday on the island and had the pleasure of staying in the most picturesque hotel situated just West of Capri, called 2 Pini Residences. This area is called Anacapri and is located a little higher up on the island. Indeed this area has some of the finest gardens in all of Italy.

It was a truly wonderful gem tucked away and super close to the Piazza Vittoria, as well as being close to the shops and local restaurants of Anacapri. What was also amazing was that in terms of Covid-19, the hotel took all the necessary precautions and even had a special machine that completely disinfected our luggage before they were brought into our room. I found this super convenient and reassuring especially as we had taken a plane, taxi, and boat, and another taxi to arrive! I was also impressed with the warm welcome with which we were met.


Originally founded by Giuseppe (don Peppino) and his Swiss wife, today it is run by their grandchildren: the two wonderful brothers Augusto and Guido.

Since 1950, it is a family-run boutique hotel, that is perfect for a calm, scenic stay on the iconic Italian island. In fact, one of the aspects I adored about Capri, is that many of the businesses were family-owned and passed on for generations.

This was true for the boutique hotel: The 2 Pini Residence Hotel whose legacy begins with Giuseppe Ferraro. He owned a pasticceria in the Piazza Vittoria, and it was later renamed Bar Due Pini. In 1999 along with his Swiss wife Elisabeth and daughter Gulia they transformed the vineyards into what is today known as 2 Pini Residence. Today the boutique hotel is run by their grandchildren Guido and Augusto, who both kindly hosted us. They were so hospitable and helpful throughout our stay, they even arranged a private boat trip for us around the island which was one of my favorite parts of the trip.

Another aspect I loved about Capri, and which I find so rare today, is that so many products on the island are actually locally sourced. It was wonderful for example to see the fresh lemons displayed at the reception when we arrived. They had been freshly picked from the lemon garden that lined the property. I loved that 2 Pini Residence was surrounded by nature, growing their own lemons, and had the most stunning roses that lined the entrance greeting guests. The 2 Pini Residence gardens also had a terrace-solarium and an outdoor hydromassage pool.


We stayed in a spacious and comfortable apartment. Fully equipped with all comforts, including a kitchenette, bathroom, and a beautiful terrace covered in flowers. The rooms were very spacious, furnished in a minimal style. Whilst the bathroom was fully stocked with complimentary toiletries from the local brand Cartusia.

Our private terrace had a view of the sea and from which I witnessed some of the most spectacular sunsets. This is also where we had our first breakfast in Capri the very next morning. It was a delightful dolce vita moment. The table was set with fresh roses from their garden. We sipped freshly brewed coffee and soaked up the sunshine before heading into town.

Alternatively, you can also enjoy a traditional Mediterranean breakfast in the morning which was served in the adjacent bar in the main square of Anacapri.


We were truly lucky during our stay as our hosts were true locals and knew the island through and through. What is more, they offered fantastic services, including:

A Private Boat Tour of Capri

2 Pini arranged for us a private boat tour of Capri with a skipper and we had a truly unforgettable day in the glittering waters of Capri. We set off from Marina Grande, the main port, and went all around the island. During the boat tour we got all the inside information from our super-friendly guide for the day Salvatore.

The Delicious Food from the Restaurant Due Pini Capri

Although the hotel does not have a restaurant on-site, they have a partnership with the Restaurant Due Pini Capri. Located in the center of Anacapri, it has a splendid terrace that overlooks the main square and the food is absolutely divine.

Overall, it was a truly wonderful experience and I was so thankful to be able to discover Italy a little more this year.

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For more information and bookings:

For more information and bookings:

Residence 2 Pini Anacapri

Via Caposcuro, 3 – 80071 Anacapri (NA) – Italy

Telephone: +39 081 837 14 04


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