A girly getaway at La Belle Vue Boutique Hotel & Café

A Girly Getaway at La Belle Vue

This weekend was a truly relaxing escape to the Swiss countryside. Bella and I headed to La Belle Vue in Spiez which is a town and municipality on the shore of Lake Thun in the Bernese Oberland region in Switzerland. It has a breathtakingly beautiful landscape. The hotel itself is owned by a married couple, Gianluca had always wished to renovate a hotel and his wife, Emilie, had always dreamed of having a cafe. The two dreams merged into one and took the form of this pretty hotel in Spiez.


Nestled between rolling hills and vineyards, Spiez is a wonderful destination in Switzerland. There is a bold contrast between the turquoise blue Lake Thun, dotted with tropical palm trees and the snow-capped mountains that surround it. Spiez lies in a picturesque situation on the southern shore of the Thunersee, at the foot of the pyramid-shaped Niesen mountain. One of the main landmarks of Spiez is their castle which was only a short walk from our hotel.

The Brunch

The view and brunch are what the hotel is best known for. Indeed people from all around the region come to enjoy their delicious brunch.

With the current global pandemic, brunch is reserved exclusively for hotel guests like ourselves for the time being. For me, it was absolutely amazing to be able to have a coffee in the cafe again and enjoy a delicious brunch with a friend. Something I use to do on a weekly basis before the pandemic.

Their daily breakfast and brunch are all organic. We had their avocado and poached eggs with pancakes, cold cuts and an assortment of pastries. Their Italian coffee was excellent, in fact, the day we arrived they had just expanded their menu and added two new types of lattes: Curcuma and matcha. The cafe had a great range of options available and there were all the milk alternatives you could wish for (almond, oat, etc). I savored every bite of the scrumptious brunch. As an avid brunch fan myself, this aspect of the hotel was a huge plus for me and I truly enjoyed the experience.

The Hotel

The Hotel La Belle Vue has been recently renovated in an elegant Scandinavian-style. Their café strives to offer regional, homemade and modern cuisine. Whilst the view is just breathtaking. It overlooks the castle, lake Thun and the Swiss mountains. Our room had a lovely balcony so we could also sit outside and soak up the sunshine and enjoy the view.

It was wonderful to wake up to the fabulous view of a fairy-tale castle, the lovely lake and magnificent mountains. The staff and hotel owners were all wonderfully friendly and helpful. What’s more, we met with their in-house photographer Maja and made some fun hotel shots together. It was great fun and super girly, I really enjoyed this relaxing staycation in Spiez.

Photos by Maja Juzwiak


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