Fashion Illustration by Anna Blachut

Swiss Art & Design

Anna is a Swiss illustrator and artist. She studied illustration, fashion and design at the University of Edinburgh and Parsons Paris.

A STYLISH STORY – Anna Blachut

Swiss Fashion Illustration & Design

Her artwork has been published in several magazines and her clients have included luxury brands such as The Missoni Hotel.

Clients include: Hotel Missoni Edinburgh, Bolero Magazine, Bongenie Grieder, MyPrivateBoutique, No Cigar Magazine, In Clover Magazine, 160grams Magazine, Aesthetica Magazine, Atlas Magazine, Amelia’s Magazine, Eclectic Magazine, Crftd, Septieme Etage, and White Coffee Magazine.

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FIDA x Elsa Peretti x Tiffany & Co.

Miami Art Basel

Showcase of Anna Blachut’s fine art prints of artwork during the Art Basel event in Miami for the FIDA x Tiffany & Co. X Elsa Peretti Exhibit in November 2022.

Missoni Hotel

30 Live Fashion Portraits created on site for the Hotel Missoni

Missoni Testimonial for Anna Blachut’s Illustration

We have been delighted and proud to have worked with Anna Blachut on several pieces of work for Hotel Missoni Edinburgh, namely illustrations of our staff and also drawings reflecting our life at the hotel. Anna’s work was of the highest quality bringing a combination of life, colour and most importantly inspiration to all of us. Anna, through her illustrations was able to capture and showcase an understanding of our life at Hotel Missoni Edinburgh.

Missoni Hotel

Horoscope Fashion Illustrations

Zodiac Illustrations commissioned by Boléro Magazine

Zodiac fashion illustration project by Anna Blachut that was published in the Swiss fashion magazine, Boléro Magazine.

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