Silver Leather & Half-Moons: Paris Fashion Week Day 3 with Marine Serre and Barbara Bui in Le Marais

The edgy insiders of Paris Fashion Week

Our last fashion presentations at Paris Fashion Week were all in Le Marais. This is a very hip area of Paris – a neighborhood filled with free-spirited artists, where the cool cats of the city reside.

The last day in Paris was absolutely freezing with an icy wind cutting through the streets. We would be out and about most of the day so I forfeited heels and opted for my almond-colored Hogan sneakers. I paired them with forest green palazzo trousers, a silk green shirt, and my trusted bottle green trench coat. Topping off the look with a black bucket hat. After seeing just how cold it was outside I decided to add an extra layer under the coat – a checkered blazer from Coster Copenhagen. This said, I actually ended up purchasing an oversized green hoodie in Uniqulo from the menswear halfway through the day because I was absolutely frozen. The art of layering on another level here as I had 2 jackets on, a hoodie and a silk blouse. My fashion freezing solutions aside, let’s talk about the last day’s presentations and designers.

About the Marine Serre Hard Drive Exhibition

First, we headed to the Marine Serre’s Hard Drive exhibition with Lafayette Anticipations (which is the Foundation Galleries Lafayette’s contemporary art center). For those who don’t know, the Galleries Lafayette is one of France’s most prestigious fashion department stores.

As we were staying in the 16th Arrondissement, and all our appointments that day were in the 3th or 4th arrondissement, it was a little too far to go on foot – so we hopped in a cab and headed to our first appointment in Le Marais. The Marine Serre Hard Drive exhibit was an exclusive 2-day exhibition that took place on our last day of Paris Fashion Week. Tucked away in the streets of Le Marais in Paris, the two-day exhibition was spread across 3 sprawling warehouse floors. Each of the floors had a specific theme linked intrinsically to the brand Marine Serre.

The first floor focused on Marine Serre’s pioneering production methods for their collections. With on-site team members creating the pieces from up-cycled textiles such as denim and tartan into unique pieces. It was really nice as we were able to speak with the team and understand their process for the different pieces.

Then you could head up to the second floor which presented the pieces an immersive environment. By that, I mean to say that multiple mannequins were placed in instillations pieces and fully dressed in the new Marine Serre collection. This reflected the different elements that make up the crux of the collection.

There were walls lined with wooden desks mounted with glass that also showed the process of upcycling for the Marine Serre jewelry pieces. Taking a single fork and moulding it into a unique piece of jewelry.

The new Marine Serre AW22 collection was made from up-cycled materials to create edgy ready-to-wear pieces for both men and women. The fashion collection featured the brand’s iconic half moon with panels of tartan, denim and Toile de Jouy. Contrasting classic fabrics with sharp silhouettes and punk elements.

Last but not least, there was a staircase that led up to the third floor. This was the final room of the Hard Drive exhibition. It showcased a series of Marine Serre’s original artwork paintings that reinterpreted iconic 15th and 16th-century Dutch oil paintings, incorporating the AW22 pieces that we had just seen on the floors before.

When exiting the Marine Serre Hard Drive exhibition, you could go to their Pop Up store. Here you could purchase fashion pieces from the fashion designer. Another extremely creative and unique aspect of thr pop-up was that Marine Serre offered visitors the opportunity to reinvent their own favorite items (anything fabric-based) with a screen print of the brand‘s signature half-moon logo. The line was very long for this unique opportunity and whilst waiting one could admire the beautiful selection of Marine Sere’s ready-to-wear & accessories available as well as a curated selection of books, vinyls, and objects.

Barbara Bui: The Epitome of the French Rock Chic

We stopped for a spot of lunch and then we headed to our next presentation: Barbara Bui. This is a purely Parisian fashion brand that totally captures the essence of the rock chic in each of their pieces. I first discovered the brand when I was in my early 20s, whilst working at Bongenie Grieder as their Art Director and Social Media Coordinator. It was THE bestseller at the Swiss luxury department store when it came to leather jackets. And of course, the piece which stole my heart this season was a stunning silver cropped leather motorcycle jacket. The collection’s key colors were bright and bold: sunflower yellow, royal purple, and blue.


The last day of Paris Fashion Week included edgier, cool girl brands such as the rock chic icon Barbara Bui and the urban aesthetic niche of Marine Serre.

Overall the whole trip was an amazing experience and I absolutely adored it. I cannot wait to head back this September for the Spring Summer 2023 collections.


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