Lierac Premium: Be your own kind of beautiful

I got back from work to find a beautiful surprise waiting for me: the Lierac Premium serum and cream tucked in with a gorgeous flower. In honour of International Woman’s Day, Lierac had sent this wonderful gift to me. It was such a nice attention to detail. The Lierac Premium is the French beauty brand’s luxurious range. The products contain hyaluronic acid and black flower extracts to help combat the visible signs of the passage of time.

The packaging of the Lierac Premium cream was so regal, with black and gold details – I absolutely loved it. The cream was nestled neatly inside a velvet lined box which also contained the smallest little black envelope I had ever seen. Tucked inside this envelope was a small spatula to apply the cream with and a detailed explanation of the cream’s benefits. The formula is inspired by regenerative medicine. The cream treats deep wrinkles, loss of density, dark spots, skin slackening, uneven complexion and pores.

It contains 8.5% of the Lierac registers patent Premium Cellular Complex as well as 5% hyaluronic acid. The Lierac Premium cream also has a nutritious concentrate that deeply nourishes the skin. It includes shea butter, botanical glycerine, and botanical oils. The texture and smell of the cream are ultra-luxurious as well with a velvety soft finish.

Whilst the Lierac Premium Serum Booster contains patented Black Tulip and Kombucha (which is fermented black tea).

I can’t wait to introduce these two Lierac skincare products into my daily routine. Combining the Booster Serum with the cream together.

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Wishing all the ladies a wonderful day filled with self care and love.

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