Paris Fashion Week Diary: A Style Influencer’s Perspective on Leonard Paris, Loewe, Jitrois, Roger Vivier, Sol AngelAnn, Kevin Germanier and Nicolas Besson

As a fashion influencer and style blogger, attending Paris Fashion Week is always a highlight of my year. This season, I had the pleasure of experiencing the fashion shows of Leonard Paris and presentations of Jitrois, Roger Vivier, Nicolas Besson, Loewe, Sol AngelAnn, and Kevin Germanier.

First up was the Leonard Paris fashion show, called the Le Lagoon, where I was immediately struck by the collection’s bold use of color and prints. From bright pink, orange, and beautiful turquoise blues hues to geometric patterns, the designs were both playful and sophisticated. The craftsmanship was impeccable and I couldn’t help but admire the attention to detail in each piece. Georg Lux, the designer of this collection used different patterns and textiles which were divided into two principle colour palettes: aqua blues and sharply contrasted by hot pink and rich orange tones. The collection featured wonderful details that looked spectacular in movement like colourful fringes, towering platform sandals and flowing caftans. The collection was dominated by silk and satin fabrics, giving it a luxurious feel. I loved the hair and makeup as well, the hair was plaited and elegantly twisted in the back, whilst the makeup featured flashes of bold blue eyeliner with perfectly glossed lips and fresh, glowing skin.

I particularly loved the way that Georg Lux played with different lengths of skirts and dresses. The long flowing maxi dresses paired with oversized denim and silk jackets were my personal favorite. The use of oversized pockets in the jackets added a modern and edgy touch to the collection. The designer also incorporated a lot of maracamé, fringes, and raffia in the clothing which added a touch of fresh and summery femininity to the collection.

Next, I had the opportunity to attend the presentations of Jitrois, Roger Vivier, and Nicolas Besson. Each designer brought their own unique perspective and aesthetic to the runway, showcasing a range of styles from classic and elegant to modern and edgy.

Jitrois presented a collection that was both timeless and contemporary, featuring luxurious leathers in bold shades including bright red, turquoise, lime green and metallic blue. Jean-Claude Jitrois, the mastermind behind the collection was impressive man to meet in person. I was honoured to exchange with him over his favourite fashion moments and his inspiration for the collection. Jean-Claude Jitrois’ unique approach to leather was a standout feature of the collection. Since 1976, Jitrois specialised in creating unique “leather couture” pieces that empower and hug the body. The designer has a great understanding of how to use this fabric in the most elegant way possible. I loved the stretch leather that is patented by Jitrois. In particular the leather pieces such as the multifunctional jacket-dress-skirt. The whole collection was very luxurious, Parisian and polished.

Roger Vivier‘s designs were a playful take on classic elegance, with bold heels and unique embellishments. The designer’s use of different textures like lace and leather were beautiful. Gherardo Felloni reinterpreted the iconic silhouettes of the Maison, incorporated a lot of metallic accents, mesh and neon PVC which added an edge to the collection. The designer’s use of the iconic crystal and metallic rectangle buckle on the shoes was a unique touch that remains an iconic emblem of Roger Vivier.

Another highlight of my Paris Fashion Week experience was the fashion presentation of Andrew GN, which took place in the trendy neighborhood of Le Marais. The designer’s collection featured a stunning array of long dresses, embellished jackets and amazingly crafted colorful leather accessories. The intricate detailing and craftsmanship that went into each piece was truly impressive. Andrew GN’s use of different textures like silk, beading, embroidery and velvet added depth to the collection. The use of shades of turquoise, green and bright pink in the collection along with the beautiful pearl hair details, were elements that caught my attention. Andrew Gn was there and I had the pleasure meet and exchange with him about the collection, he’s was very happy as earlier that day, Vogue had issued a glowing review on his new collection. Personally, this was one of my favourite collections from this season, as it was a true showcase of the designer’s talent and creativity, it was an honor to be able to experience such beautiful designs and intricate craftsmanship firsthand.

That evening I headed home for a quick outfit change before heading to the beautiful 1ere Arrondissement for the last show of the day: Nicolas Besson. He specialises in luxury ready-to-wear. The collection paid homage to Gianni Versace, and was inspired by the starry night. I loved the collection, it was a super show, and very intimate. The pieces were ultra wearable, and yet absolutely unique. I loved the blazers with sharp shoulders, mesh details, neon sequins, open backs, thick gold chains and crystal embellishments. It was one of my favourite shows.

In the morning we headed to the Loewe RE-SEE presentation. It was a true feast for the senses, with an incredible attention to detail in every design. This Loewe collection was designed by Jonathan Anderson and was one of the most talked about shows of the season. Playing with proportions, the collection also made a subtle comment on our well being as a modern society. JW Anderson incorporated thought-provoking large, plastic looking flowers to pass comment on today’s “fakeness”, directly linked to our endless hours spent behind the screen. This was equally echoed in the oversized pockets and pixelated square details in the clothing which added a modern and edgy touch to the collection.

In the evening, I had the opportunity to attend the Sol AngelAnn fashion show. The location was simply superb, the show was held in one of the rooms at the luxurious hotel Le Meurice in Paris. The brand specializes in creating evening gowns and festive dresses made entirely of fabrics encrusted with crystals. Each dress was emblazoned with crystals, which was a huge trend for the season. Glittering, and absolutely glamorous, each dress was a show stopper.

Lastly, I had the opportunity to witness the sustainable and glamorous collection of Kevin Germanier. Originally from Crans Montana in Switzerland, the designer’s use of sustainable materials was a standout feature of the collection.

His collection was a perfect balance of sustainability and luxury, featuring vibrant and eccentric designs that were both colorful and delightful. The Swiss designer is a Central Saint Martins graduate who has built an impressive career, starting as a student, then a junior designer at Louis Vuitton, and now the CEO of his own label. Kevin Germanier’s use of different beading, feathers, sequins and color combinations was what caught my attention. What sets Kevin Germanier apart is his use of recycled beads. He is also known as the bead-master. Kevin Germanier’s use of sequins, feathers, and other embellishments were entirely hand-made, adding a level of craftsmanship that was truly impressive. Indeed his pieces from the collection were worn in several episodes of the hit Netflix show Emily in Paris, and since writing this the pieces where also worn by Heidi Kulm, Beyoncé and Lady Gaga. The collection was a true reflection of the designer’s creativity and passion for sustainable fashion, as well as his attention to detail and luxury.

One of the things I love most about Paris Fashion Week is the sense of community and collaboration among the designers and fashion industry professionals. It was inspiring to see so many talented individuals coming together to share their ideas and create something truly beautiful.

I also loved the opportunity to network and connect with other fashion influencers and bloggers from around the world. Paris Fashion Week is truly a global event, and it was amazing to be able to share my experience with others who share my passion for fashion. I left Paris Fashion Week feeling inspired and excited to start experimenting with new trends and styles.

Overall, Paris Fashion Week was a truly inspiring experience. I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend. The creativity and passion of the designers was truly inspiring, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next. From the bold and colorful designs of Leonard Paris to the elegant and chic Parisian leather looks of Jitrois, each designer brought their own unique perspective and aesthetic to the runway. The sustainable and glamorous collection of Kevin Germanier and the luxury craftsmanship at Andrew GN were true standout fashion presentations. The intricate craftsmanship and attention to detail in each collection was truly impressive, and it was an honor to be able to experience such beautiful designs firsthand. Paris Fashion Week continues to be a source of inspiration and creativity, and I can’t wait to see what next season has in store.


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