Watches & Wonders Week Highlights by A Stylish Story: WPHH – Franck Muller Gala & HYT Watches at Antiquorum Geneva

Watches and Wonders 2022 in Geneva as told by Anna Blachut.

The annual watch fair called Watches & Wonders just took place in Geneva. This is the equivalent of fashion week for the watch industry. Geneva is the ideal setting for such an event as it is home to numerous prestigious watchmakers such as Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, and Roger Dubuis, to name a few. The Watches & Wonders annual event takes place in Geneva, Switzerland. It consists of an impressive lineup of brands that come together to announce their new watches, unveil their newly launched timepieces and innovations. There are also many local watch brands who host private events during this week.

I was lucky enough to attend several of the exclusive watch events in Geneva, which I wanted to share with you today.

SEVENFRIDAY at The Fairmont in Geneva

The first event I attended was a private watch viewing and dinner at the luxury hotel, the Fairmont in Geneva. The Zurich based brand showcased their new pieces. We met the founders who have successfully launched SEVENFRIDAY as a global lifestyle brand that creates industrial inspired watches as well as super funky eyewear pieces. The pieces are designed for individuals “who live everyday like its Friday”.

Geneva’s Annual Watches & Wonder Week Highlights by A Stylish Story: WPHH - Franck Muller Gala & HYT Watches at Antiquorum Geneva

HYT Watches Moon Runner & Hastroid at Antiquorum Geneva

The next event which I greatly appreciated was hosted at the auction house Antiquorum. For the 2022 edition of the Watch and Wonders, Antiquorum in Geneva hosted the Swiss manufacturer HYT watches. HYT is known for their unique and innovative approach to time.

HYT introduced two truly remarkable timepieces: the Supernova Blue Moon Runner and the New HYT Hastroid. Davide Cerrato, CEO and Creative Director of HYT, presented these two new models to press and industry members from the 30th of March to the 5th of April. The whole auction house was transformed into a space world. With black-out curtains, one steps through to see a holographic projection of the new Supernova Blue Moon Runner. Headphones in black and neon green were available, once you placed them on your ears echos of the iconic Blade Runner soundtrack envelop you and embark you into the HYT fluidic concept of time and space.

Indeed, space is intrinsic to the watchmaker. HYT’s two new watches celebrate the ‘Heroes of our Time’ such as astronauts and visionary entrepreneurs. Technology is intrinsic to travelling in space, a characteristic HYT shares. How so you may ask? Well, HYT watches are made using mecafluidic technology. This is a the symbiotic marriage of science and micromechanics that means that the HYT timepieces tell time in a manner unlike any other watches in the world. This is because the watches have a fluid that circles around the dial and moves, in order to indicate the passage of hours. This fluid, in its extra-fine capillary, is the remarkable unique feature of the mecafluidic timepieces designed by HYT. 

What is more, only 27 copies of the new HYT Moon Runner are available in the world. Why only 27? Well this links back to outer space, where the number 27 is commonly found. For example, Uranus, the seventh planet of the Solar System, has 27 known moons. It is also highlights the rarity of such a unique timepiece.


WPHH – Franck Muller 30th Anniversary Gala

Watches and Wonder is traditionally rounded off by Gala evenings.

I was invited to the WPHH Franck Muller Gala. The WPHH stands for World Presentation of Haute Horlogerie.

The Gala was hosted at the historic Domaine du Grand Malagny. This is a majestic estate owned by Franck Muller. In this stunning location, the watch brand has presented truly exceptional timepieces and laucnhed exciting world premieres. Including the Franck Muller Aeternitas Mega which is the most complicated wristwatch in the world.

This was a particularly special event, as the Gala was held in honour of Franck Muller’s 30 years of success in the watch industry. A milestone for the Master of Complications.

I have documented the event on my Instagram account A Stylish Story if you want to take a closer look at the behind the scenes of the event. Click here to see how the Franck Muller Gala night unfolded.

The new watches that Franck Muller Genève presented at the WPHH 2022, included:

  • Grand Central
  • Vanguard Revolution 3 Skeleton
  • Vanguard Racing Skeleton
  • Vanguard Yachting Crazy Hours (my personal favourite)
  • Crazy Hours 30th Anniversary Limited Edition
  • Vanguard Rose Skeleton
  • Cielo
  • Galet Moonphase
  • Double Mystery

The Franck Muller Crazy Hours model was one of my personal favourites. It is a watch like no other thanks to the unique numerals on the dial. Like a surrealist painting, a melting clock by Salvador Dali, this is a wonderful work of art for your wrist. I adored the Crazy Color Dream one in particular.

It was a wonderful way to wrap up Watches & Wonder. The week was filled with exciting new launches in the watch world. So it was a true honour to attend and be a part of such a special moment for the watch brand Franck Muller.

WPHH - Franck Muller 30th Anniversary Gala

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