What to buy for Autumn before it sells out

The first of September brings back memories of back-to-school apprehension. The change in season means the introduction of light knits into one’s wardrobe. Autumn makes way for deep earthy tones of chocolate and olive green with pops of orange and pink. The perfect bases for buildable layers of leather & cashmere.

When it comes to new seasons it’s best to think ahead. Primarily because all the good stuff goes out of stock early. So to avoid any fashion FOMO I put together my autumnal essential shopping list to ensure no one misses out!  

So are you ready to plan for your autumn wardrobe?

My autumn wardrobe essentials 2021:


The collegiate preppy look is in, as is the subdued “old money” aesthetic. If you want to test drive this style, a staple piece to add to your wardrobe is a classic tennis skirt. A chalk-white one paired with a cream cashmere or tucked into an elegant silk blouse. You can also add an equestrian edge by adding a pair of knee-high leather boots. I recommend opting for a tennis skirt in neutral shades such as soft cream, stone, black, sky blue or navy so you can use it as a building block for your fall wardrobe.

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No. 2 MICRO BAGS They have been the must-have accessory for the last 4 years. Since 2017 and Jacquemus’ Le Chiquito bag took the fashion world by storm, the trend has been the smaller the bag the better. The trend actually goes back further, these itty-bitty purses were especially popular in the early 1900s and were often carried by wealthy women because they were small, elegant, and held very little. They are the perfect “it-girl” accessory. Handbags remain at the forefront of fashion’s status symbol. However, there has been a definite shift towards less in-your-face logo blazing bags this season with more timeless silhouettes.

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No. 3 KNITWEAR SETS I’m personally obsessed with cashmere and matching sets. So this trend is one I am super excited about. Twinsets also go hand in hand with the “old money” aesthetic that is becoming an increasingly prevalent trend, especially when worn in light tones and punctuated with a gold or pearl necklace.

No. 4 KNEE HIGH BOOTS My footwear of choice, year on year is a good quality pair of leather boots. They are my most versatile autumnal shoe, going from high-waisted denim jeans to flirty dresses. This is an item that really does sell out fast so I recommend stocking up on the shades you know you will wear time and time again. Be it dark grey, black, and an array of chocolate browns, knee-high boots are a must-have.

No. 5 THE PERFECT FALL FRAGRANCE Nothing tops off an outfit quite like the perfect perfume. I am always on the hunt for a scent that will compliment my outfit and I really like to switch it up with the temperature drops. Gravitating towards scents that have deeper notes such as sandalwood, musk, and oud. This said, I always have a couple of perfumes on rotation. I’m always on the look for new, slightly niche brands and fragrances so that I’m always wearing something just a little bit different, sometimes I even layer fragrances.

What’s on your Fall shopping list now?

So there you have it, those are the 5 AW21 trends that I can’t wait to wear.


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