Winter Warmers

5 ways to beat the winter chills in style.

With the first snow flakes falling this week in Switzerland, I wanted to share some helpful fashion hacks on how to stay stylish even when it’s freezing cold outside.

There are three crucial elements to getting dressed when the temperature drops to subzero. First things first, choose your textiles wisely. Opt for HeatTech thermals, cashmeres, silks and wool to be sure your as warm as can be. Next be sure to layer like no other. Last but not least, use accessories to your advantage. Hats, scarves and gloves are not to be overlooked when winter sets in. They are great assets that can elevate any look whilst keeping you warm and toasty at the same time.

So with that said, I wanted to share with you my winter style hacks. So here are 5 essential that I like to keep on rotate during the bitterly cold days of the year:

1. Leather

Leather leggings, leather jackets, leather caps, leather boots… the list goes on! What I can say is that this autumn I made sure to stock up on leather leggings in taupe, stone grey and of course, black. Let me tell you they have been absolute lifesavers this season. Especially as leather looks so good when paired with softer textiles like a fluffy jumper or super soft cashmere.

2. Velvet

This is another textile that I love wearing during the winter months. It’s so soft, warm and comfortable. I love wearing velvet dresses as they feel so festive and velvet co-ords are great when travelling. Instantly injecting a bit of luxe into any look.

3. Cashmere

If you haven’t already guessed, I am a huge advocate of cashmere. I even dedicated an entire post to cashmere and how to style your sweaters. Cashmere is the ultimate, luxury basic which looks and feels fantastic. I love opting for neutral shades like oatmeal, black, beige and white. However, once in a while it’s nice to add a bit of color. A statement, bold blue or a deep orange cashmere can brighten up a dreary winter evening instantly. In fact, I have both these shades of cashmere that I bought in Paris from Maje. I love wearing them on a night out for example to brighten an all-black ensemble. Otherwise I opt for a tone on tone look. All grey or all beige which always looks polished and put together.

4. Faux fur

This can be tricky to get right. I firmly believe that you have to touch and feel the quality of the faux fur before anything else. It has to be soft and fluffy like a cuddly toy, otherwise it will look and feel cheap (which one should avoid at all costs!). My favorite faux fur coats are actually from a Geneva-based brand called Kattard Genève. They have the absolute best range of faux fur coats. The cuts are flattering and they have a very useful hood which is great if you forget to take your hat with you. What’s more they are machine washable. So you can really keep them for season after season. I bought three, that’s how much I love them!

5. Uniqlo’s HeatTech

These thermals were my life line when I was in London in the middle of a bitterly cold January a few years back. I bought one in nude, black and white so that I could layer them under everything I wore. They even have different necklines. Uniqlo teamed up with global textile maker Toray to create this unique HeatTech fabric. It’s ultra light, yet keeps you warm. Basically the synthetic fibers trap warm air the way heavy wool would, but they are lightweight instead of bulky. The texture is super soft and comfortable unlike some thick, itchy wools. Indeed so as to make this synthetic insulation fabric soft, Uniqlo treats the HeatTech fibers with milk proteins and amino acids. They also have a version which is double HeatTech for those extra icy days.


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