Glam Goodies of October

Anna Swiss Mermaid Beauty Goodies

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As the month draws to a close, I wanted to share my absolute favorite finds from this month including skincare, beauty and fragrance.

This year the seasons shifted quite suddenly here in Geneva. With the drastic drop in temperature, skincare takes on another level of importance. So I have been using the Valmont Prime Renewing Pack Mask. I was pleasantly surprised by just how well it works! It’s truly remarkable especially as my skin gets more sensitive with the cold. This Valmont mask treats signs of fatigue, tightens pores and tones your skin. What’s more there are three different ways you can use it:

1. As quick pick-me-up, by applying it as a 20-minute mask on clean skin.

2. You can also massage it into the skin every morning for 3 minutes.

3. For a more intense treatment when you have really tired skin, you can leave it on to work all night long.

Anna Swiss Mermaid Beauty Goodies2

In the mornings, I have also been using the Dior Forever & Ever Primer. It’s a great makeup base that enhances foundation application and improves hold. This is especially needed with all the mask wearing…I also switched up my foundation for something a bit lighter, opting for Dior’s Forever Extreme Control powder instead of a liquid formula. Applying a very fine layer over the entire face in the morning after using Dior‘s Forever Skin Correct concealer around my nose and under my eyes.

I’ve also been obsessed with the Lush highlighter “Feeling Young” this month. It’s got an almost holographic finish to it. I love applying it onto the high points of my face for a dewy, fresh finish.

My next goodie is actually a perfume, this year has not been kind on my perfume collection. I have broken over 5 bottles by accident including my beloved Tom Ford Black Orchid. So with this in mind I have been trying to be extra careful with my latest perfume: Un Jardin sur le Toît by Hermès. It is the fourth installment in the Les Jardins series launched in 2011. The collection has expanded from the original four scents and most recently, this summer 2020, launched Un Jardin sur la Lagune. For me, Un Jardin sur le Toît is a fresh scent takes me back to late evenings in Pairs when I studied art there. Interestingly, the scent itself is inspired by the luxurious secret garden located on the rooftop of Hermès’ headquarters building at 24 Rue Faubourg Saint-Honore in Paris.

Another amazing gem I have been using this month is the Rouge Hermès lipstick. I have never had such a luxurious experience when purchasing a beauty product. When I got it, my initial idea was to make it my go to handbag lipstick. I selected a rose nude. It’s texture, as fine as it is rich, delivers vibrant, long-lasting color. Designed by Pierre Hardy, the packaging is so elegant and is actually refillable. The Rouge Hermès lipstick comes in its own protective canvas pouch and it’s own iconic little orange box. What is more the success of this initial beauty product launch has led Hermès to rollout a whole range. Needless to say, I am very excited!

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Anna Swiss Mermaid Beauty Goodies4


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