An Afternoon at Boucheron

Earlier this month I was invited to discover the jewelry creations of Boucheron in their Geneva boutique. From the Bohème Serpent to the Plume de Paon, the classic Quatre to the playful Jack de Boucheron, the creations where a spectacular array of luxurious and elegant designs. Encompassing the 3 brand pillars of Boucheron: Nature, Architecture and Haute Couture.

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Jack de Boucheron

One of my favorites was the Jack de Boucheron. Playful yet elegant in its design, this fine jewelry collection reinvents the way in which we wear jewelry. The pieces are transformable and can be worn in many alternative ways. This flexibility honors women’s freedom. The name “Jack de Boucheron” comes from the creative link to jack cables which are a key inspiration behind the design. The clasp when undone even resembles one, yet when connected the jewel is more reminiscent of the iconic architectural lines of the Place de Vendôme. Which is where Boucheron first opened the Maison in Paris.

Here I am wearing my favourite pieces from the “Jack de Boucheron” collection. Launched in 2019, this collection can be assembled, extended, connected and transformed. A necklace becomes a bracelet, an earring turns into a brooch. As the CEO of Boucheron, Helene Poulit Duquesne puts it, “The Jack de Boucheron collection is the absolute essence of our brand DNA; it is the emblem of free spirit, as jewellery which celebrates the art of ‘multi-wearing.’ Its ultra-graphic clasp is inspired by a jack cable, a connection element which allows the pieces to connect to each other in a multitude of ways, offering any number of possibilities.”

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Serpent Bohème

Whilst the Serpent Bohème collection is dedicated to Boucheron’s iconic serpent. Initially created by Frédéric Boucheron for his wife, the serpent is a sign of protection, luck and eternal love. This iconic piece has been reinterpreted many times by Boucheron over the years – from the teardrops shaped like snake heads to the entertaining gold bracelets, twisting like two gold snakes. The collection evokes the flowing shapes of a serpent. The Serpent Bohème collection also represents free spirit and femininity.

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The Plume de Paon

One of the most impressive collections, in terms of workmanship was that of The Plume de Paon collection. It is one of the Maison’s most iconic ones as well. Inspired by a peacock feather, Frédéric Boucheron, in collaboration with the head of his atelier Paul Legrand created some of the most mesmerizing designs. Using a technique exclusive to the Boucheron, specific assembly of diamonds which replicates the supple movements of an actual feather. So that the actual jewel moves delicately.

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The Story behind The Delilah Necklace.

A key part of the Haute Couture Collection, this iconic diamond-set, 18K yellow-gold scarf has been woven as a very fine cloth to mimic the softness of fabric. The width is only 0.2mm and the thickness 0.1mm!

This is one of Boucheron’s most magnificent creations. It was initially designed for the Grand-Duc Wladimir. The story behind the golden scarf begins when Duc met his wife during a ball. She dropped her scarf, and he picked it up for her. This encounter inspired him to ask Boucheron to recreate the scarf in gold and jewels. Since then, the Maison continues to work gold to create fabric-like creations fashioned from fine strands of gold and tasseled with pearls.

It was a truly remarkable experience and I want to thank the Boucheron team in Geneva for making my visit truly unforgettable.


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