Christian Dior’s Digital Initiatives during the Global Pandemic

As all of Switzerland slowly starts to shift and reopen, I wanted to highlight the inspiring approach that Christian Dior and Maria Grazia Churi have had during the ongoing global pandemic. Here are three ways in which this luxury designer Dior has turned to digital media and their brand heritage to brighten our days.

Firstly, Dior began last month by launching their guided tour of the brand’s “Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams” exhibition at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. Which can be discovered right at home.

Back in 2017, the exhibition ran for 7 months and had almost a million visitors. This guided tour goes the 70 years of Dior and is a true treasure for fashion and history lovers alike.

Another quarantine project that Dior launched last month is “Dior and the Dance” a series of ballet video tutorials on their YouTube channel.

A cheerful hommage to Christian Dior’s ties to ballet and art. For example, when Dior created the costumes for the ballet Roland Petit “Thirteen dances”.

Dior also released the 1949 film, “Haute-Couture,” which was directed by Henri A. Lavorel. It is an exciting, colorized insight info Dior’s world and his life at 30 Avenue Montaigne atelier in Paris. Focusing on how the autumn/winter 1949 collection was put together and created the iconic NEW LOOK.

Overall, Dior has set the tone for creativity through their digital innovations during these exceptional times. An inspirational initiative that is sure to educate and inspire all fashionistas.


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